Davina McCall shares picture of her ‘mummy tummy’ in candid Instagram post

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  • TV personality Davina McCall has given an honest insight into her body hang-ups, by posting two contrasting bikini snaps online to highlight her ‘mummy tummy’.

    A dedicated fitness enthusiast who’s brought out 13 exercise DVDs throughout her impressive career, Davina’s toned body is the envy of many, but in the motivational Instagram post, the mum-of-three shows that she struggles with body image just like the rest of us.

    In the first shot, she’s standing in a garden in a gorgeous blue and white striped bikini, throwing her arms up above her head with a big smile on my face.

    The second, however, is a close-up of her tummy, complete with what she refers to as ‘sharpei puppy rolls’ and a pair of small hands holding onto the flesh.

    ‘Ok , so take note of how many girls take bikini shots with their arms in the air ( it’s to make our tummies look better)!!!’, she writes in the caption. ‘After three kids , my tummy looks like a sharpei puppy.’

    ‘My daughter is holding it… its one of her fave things … my rolls …she’s helped me love them too. striving to be the best I can be but love who I am now…’.

    Davina’s followers were quick to applaud the sentiment of the sweet post, with many taking to the comments to tell her she looks fab either way.

    ‘Rolls? They’re not rolls…..I’d be constantly naked if my mummy tummy looked a patch on that!!!’ exclaimed one commenter.

    Another said: ‘@davinamccall absolutely gorgeous as always. Those abs!!’

    Half way thru @popcyclestudio !!! Half an hour of barre now 😬😬😬😬

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    ‘I wish my rolls looked like yours @davinamccall you look amazing,’ agreed a third.

    Another said: ‘You are healthy and beautiful just the way you are! Above all, you are a such a great model. I wish more public figures were like you so all girls and women can see real women and stop striving for perfection. We are all unique and beautiful.’