Domino’s announce the launch of the first ever PIZZA baby registry list

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  • Pizza delivery giant Domino’s have just launched a brand new pizza baby registry list – and unsurprisingly the idea already has a lot of fans.

    With so many people opting for baby showers these days, a baby registry is an obvious thing to do to prevent duplication of gifts. Whilst typical requests include clothing, toys or gadgets, now you can add pizza to that list.

    Mums and dads to be can now sign up for food packages with suitably comedic names like: ‘Sleeping Through the Night’,’Hormonal and Hangry’, and ‘The Last Supper’.

    You can also try ‘Date Night at Home — #TBT to When It Was Just the Two of Us’ and ‘Newborn Lockdown — Dinner Delivered’.

    Each present from friends or family arrives in gift card form so the couple can order a pizza to their liking as and when they want.

    Before you get too excited, there is a slight catch – it’s currently only expectant parents in the USA that can forgo the usual department stores and register at Domino’s for their slice of cheesy goodness. But that hasn’t stopped the excitable comments from flooding in from pizza-lovers…

    ‘Now that’s a registry I can get behind!’ one excited follower exclaimed, follwed by others who called it ‘brilliant’ and ‘amazing’.

    ‘Omg. Have babies JUST for this!!’ another joked.

    As any parent will tell you, you’re housebound for a while after having a kid, but you’ll be too exhausted to actually prepare food for yourself, so this baby registry is a win.

    And if you are one of the lucky ones who does manage to prepare their own food, you don’t have to just spend the gift cards on dinner; you can also choose fun swag like a ‘Pizza for Two’ shirt for mum or a ‘Slice Slice Baby’ mug (for all the coffee you’ll be drinking as a new parent, naturally).

    Now, we know it’s only in America at the moment (and yes, it breaks our hearts too) but it’s such a genius idea we had to share it – in the hopes that maybe Domino’s UK will jump on the baby bandwagon too?

    What do you think? Should UK Domino’s do this? Would you register? Let us know in the comments box below.