Online retailer criticised by parents for selling children’s t-shirt with slogan ‘I don’t speak stupid bitch’

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  • An online retailer has been criticised by parents for selling ‘inappropriate’ children’s t-shirts that feature the phrase ‘I don’t speak stupid bitch’.

    The item of clothing, which retails for less than 10 pounds on the online store, is only available in children’s sizes.

    The product ranges from toddlers through to pre-teens (aged 11-12) and is leading parents to ask how such a slogan would be appropriate for their children.

    Gryla Noab wrote a review on the product, which is rated one and a half stars, saying; ‘Abominable slogan, Amazon and the producers ought to be ashamed of themselves.’

    The product is described as gender neutral by the manufacturer, but as one scathing review points out, this doesn’t seem quite the case.

    Carole said; ‘I am really disappointed that I can only get this for boys over 5 . Get your act together don’t you know children learn from an early age, what if they get to 5 and have never called a girl a stupid bitch ? They might just grow up to be a decent human being and we cant have that!’

    Another left a comment saying; ‘What a great lesson to teach our sons. All girls are bitches, really really inappropriate slogan for any child.’

    Another of the t-shirts that’s for sale

    The retailer also stocks similar t-shirts featuring photographs of naked women with the phrase ‘I do squats’ and ‘Orgy’ – also aimed at children.

    Amazon, who stock the product on behalf of a third party, has not commented on whether they plan to withdraw stocks of the product, but back in January 2016 they removed other t-shirts after similar complaints.

    The design featured two characters, one with a noose around its neck and the other on ‘suicide watch’ eating popcorn. The t-shirts were eventually taken down after shoppers accused them of making light of suicide.

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