Drew Barrymore has a genius trick to stop children having tantrums

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  • Actress and mum-of-two Drew Barrymore has shared a clever tip on how to prevent tantrums and fellow parents are loving it.

    There is nothing worse than trying to do your weekly shop and your little one deciding to act like the world is about to end because, they’re hungry, tired, bored or for extra fun – they’ll throw a strop for no reason at all.

    If you’ve ever faced this tricky situation, you need to listen up and start stocking up on little tubes of bubbles.

    Drew stresses that your little one simply cannot be sad when surrounded by bubbles and it’s physically difficult to scream and shout when you’re blowing bubbles to your heart’s content.

    The actress discovered the tip from the Seedlings Group, a team of child development educators and psychologists.

    Taking to Instagram to share the clever hack with her 8.9 million followers, Drew explained: ‘#accountsilove@seedlingsgroup This was a great tip from them. The post said… Summer toddler tip: ‘Keep bubbles on hand. You cannot tantrum if you are breathing and you cannot blow bubbles without breathing. You can’t tantrum while smiling while smiling and you can’t catch bubbles without lots of smiles.Quick distraction to get back to calm.’

    The caption continues: ‘These are things I really needed as a new parent and I still marvel at them. I have worked with seedlings since my kids were born and still seek their advice regularly. They also make me feel not alone as a parent as well with relatable humour.’

    The post has gone down a storm with parents, who have thanked Drew for the clever tip. One person wrote: ‘Thanks for sharing great tip Drew!’

    Another said: ‘I always have bubbles but that’s a new way to use them.’

    A third added: ‘This is a fantastic way to get them out of their storm and pull them back into your calm. Yes!! Love this. 💜’.

    toddler tantrumYour toddler can’t cry as easily if they’re blowing bubbles… 

    There were some sceptics and a couple of people joked that the bubbles were a good idea until the toddler finds another use for them…

    One person wrote: ‘All fun and games until the toddler throws the bubbles at you…’

    However, the majority of parents said they were happy to try anything if it meant ending a tantrum!

    What do you think of the bubbles trick? Will you be using it and do you have any other clever hacks for avoiding tantrums? We’d love to hear your stories so head over to our Facebook page and join the conversation!