Schoolboy left with third degree burns after electronic cigarette explodes in his pocket

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  • A 17-year-old boy has been left with third degree burns on his leg after his electronic cigarette exploded in his pocket.

    Marcus Forzani from Colorado, USA, was admitted to hospital last week after the battery inside the device spontaneously caught fire in his trousers while he was in class.

    The senior school student said that he was leaving at the end of his lesson when sparks started coming from his pocket, telling Fox News that it looked like ‘someone was welding in my pocket’.

    The teenager was immediately rushed to a specialist burns unit but the damage was already done, resulting in Marcus needing a skin graph and more than three rounds of surgery.


    Marcus has now been able to return home between operations but dad Mike Forzani wants to warn other parents about the hidden danger of vaping and letting their children carry e-cigarettes.

    Taking to his Go Fund Me page, where the family are trying to raise money for essential reconstructive surgery, Mike said; ‘Kids will be kids and that is why together we are trying to send a message that is these devices can be dangerous and as you all have seen could be life altering. So don’t smoke don’t vape.’

    Adding; ‘Again spread the word to your family and friends these devices can be very dangerous.’

    Due to the extent of his injuries Marcus will not only require extensive physical treatment but also scar management therapy.

    Mike said; ‘This fundraiser is to help my son and I through financial hardship and to ease the stress of recent events…. I’m normally not the type to except financial help however at this point I’m realizing that the journey ahead will be long, stressful and difficult for my son and I. I am disabled and on a set income. I can normally handle simple things financially however this is no simple thing.’

    Reiterating that he wants to warn all other parents about their children using the vaping devices; ‘I would like to add for those misinformed, I did not approve this device and like majority of kids tend to make the decision to go behind their parents back.’