Eldest siblings are the worst drivers according to new research

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  • Turns out eldest siblings are the worst drivers in the family, according to new research.

    It’s a debate common in every family, especially when everyone claims to be the best behind the wheel. But who’s actually right?

    Well, now new research can actually put the family discussions to bed, as it’s been claimed eldest siblings are actually the worst drivers.

    The findings come from a survey carried out by Privilege Car Insurance, in which they assessed the driving habits of 1,395 motorists.

    According to their findings, older siblings are more likely to engaged in dangerous behaviour like speeding and talking on the phone while driving, as well as do things that annoy other drivers.

    The survey found 89 per cent of older siblings are likely to speed and 47 per cent are likely to annoy other drivers by cutting them off.


    They’re also likely to hog the middle of the road, with 46 per cent of respondents doing that, and 35 per cent are likely to get fined.

    To make matters worse, 17 per cent of firstborns confessed to applying makeup while driving, and 30 per cent are likely to break the laws and use their phones at the wheel.

    All of these factors had higher rates for eldest siblings when compared to younger siblings, with the survey also revealing that eldest children have been in more collisions than middle and youngest children.

    And if you have more than one sibling, or more than two children, you can also settle the debate further and declare who is in fact the best driver.

    In families with more than one child, the youngest of the brood came out as the best driver.

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