Singer Example opens up about the affect that miscarriages have on fathers

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  • Knowing how to cope after a miscarriage is difficult for both men and women, and singer Example wants more men to speak about it openly.

    Speaking on Lorraine Kelly’s morning chat show, Example explained the importance of men and women talking to as many people and as much as possible, when they experience a tragedy like a miscarriage.

    The father-of-two explained to Scottish host Lorraine that he was the first of his friends to have children and felt completely unprepared when he and his wife Erin McNaught experienced a miscarriage.

    He said: ‘It’s that age old, almost old fashioned, ideal that men should be tougher and not show their emotions. It’s the same thing that leads us down the path with male depression, which leads to male suicide.’

    The singer continued: ‘Out of all my friendship group I was the first one to have kids. I didn’t really know how to deal with that. No one in my family had lost one. You just realise it’s just about opening up. But all you want to do is put your time and effort into your missus. She’s even forgetting to ask how I am in a way, she’s dealing with it physically and mentally. It really is just about speaking to everyone about it. Some of my close friends have lost two, three babies. It’s so common.’

    Lorraine was very understanding and agreed that the focus is often on the woman’s physical and emotional wellbeing following a miscarriage, but that the sadness felt by the men should also be acknowledged and discussed.
    Example, real name Elliot Gleave, with his two sons Evander and Ennio

    Erin has spoken about the miscarriage before and said how the couple were left heartbroken when they lost their baby.

    Fans watching Lorraine were quick to offer their support to Example and his wife and shared their experiences. One wrote: ‘@example just saw you on Lorraine. Proper sound guy and talking about a lot of things I’ve been through as a parent. More stars need to talk about the issues dads also go through. Good luck with the new music!’

    Another added: ‘@example raising this really important issue – Dads need support too #babyloss’.