Aldi’s baby sale prices start from 99p, including an insane offer on baby wipes

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  • January is usually a time for cutting back after the expensive month of December.

    We all resolve to take part in challenges like Dry January and Veganuary to try and cut out few calories and alcohol units after over-indulging for the whole Christmas period, which these days seems to extend back into November.

    And once we’ve given the Boxing Day and January sales a quick once over, we usually try to lock up the bank cards for a good few weeks so that we don’t spend any more money until at least our February pay day.

    Because those bank accounts definitely need a detox too.

    But with Aldi’s new money-saving scheme, we might have to crack open our wallets just one more time, because these offers are too good to miss.

    The budget supermarket has launched a baby and toddler range in January, and prices start from as low as 99p.

    Aldi baby sale

    Credit: Aldi

    As part of their Specialbuys range, the baby and toddler products are available now online and in-store. But if you want to get your hands on the best bits then you better be quick, as any Aldi devotee will know that the Specialbuys are only available while stocks last.

    The high-street retailers will be selling everything you might need for your little ones, from practical bits like nappies and and food and drink to toys and development gadgets.

    Our top pick?

    It has to be their mammoth offer on baby wipes. With a multipack box containing 12 packets of 64 wipes, you can get a whopping 768 Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes for only £5.69!

    aldi baby sale, aldi baby wipes

    Credit: Aldi

    We’re also loving this chic baby-changing backpack. It comes complete with a changing at and insulated cup holder and will be available for only £17.99! That’s a fraction of the price of other top range products that look and function similarly.

    Aldi baby sale

    Credit: Aldi

    And for a bit of extra practicality, it comes with Velcro straps that allow you to attach it to your pushchair.

    Plus it’s available in grey, navy or black so you can get whichever colour suits your pushchair the best.

    Aldi baby sale

    Credit: Aldi

    You can also get an cute Moses basket complete with a stand and an adorable ‘Born in 2019’ memory box for any new arrivals.

    Better keep some of that January paycheque aside!