Amy Childs relieved as daughter ‘finally’ starts walking at 19 months

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  • Amy Childs has revealed that her daughter has started walking, but at a later stage than she expected.

    The reality TV star posted a video on Instagram that shows her 19-month-old daughter, Polly, who she gave birth to last May after enduring a long labour, taking her first proper steps.

    ‘19 months and Polly has finally started walking’, Amy captioned the social media video.

    ‘Few weeks back I was starting to get worried as everyone was saying to me “Amy has polly started walking yet”’, she followed.

    ‘My reaction was “no not yet she will do it when she is ready” but deep down I was panicking, so all mums out there it’s RIGHT! Your babies will walk when there ready, Polly was just a Lazy moo!!!

    ‘I can’t believe she is now finally walking, a very emotional mummy today’, finished the proud mum.

    The former cast member of ITV2’s The Only Way in Essex revealed her relief at the fact that her daughter, who is over one a half years old, had started walking.

    According to NHS guidelines, children can in fact start walking from only 10 months old.

    Between 10 and 18 months of age babies should start to walk and while they can be unsteady while starting out, they should be able to start walking on their own by 18 months.

    The NHS advises that if your little one is not walking by the age of 18 months that you should talk to your GP or health visitor.

    So the mum-of-two, who only gave birth to her second child, a baby boy, last month in September, is reassured about her daughter’s development now that she has started to walk.

    Of course, child development stage ages can vary for every little one, so while one baby could start to walk when they are only 10 months old, another may take their time with it and wait until they’re a bit older.

    Well done Polly for taking those steps!

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