TOWIE star Amy Childs reveals she’s training to be a midwife

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  • Former TOWIE star Amy Childs will be taking a private midwife course, because of her strong interest in everything to do with motherhood.

    The 28-year-old spoke at The Baby Show in Birmingham where she explained: ‘Next month I’m gonna do a private midwife course. I’m so into all the mummy things. I just love it.

    It’s since I’ve had the children it’s got me thinking. I love talking to mums, I love interacting with mums.’

    Since becoming a mum herself, Amy revealed she gets hundreds of messages from users on Mummyways asking for her advice, which has got her even more interested in helping expecting mothers. Amy set up this parenting blog which currently has a following of 23.2k followers on Instagram, and she uses it to share advice and tips.

    The TOWIE favourite has two children. Polly, age 2, and a baby son whose name is still not publicly known. Amy also confirmed she’s not planning on having any more children just yet, as having two under the age of two is ‘tough work’. It took her daughter Polly 19 months to start walking, which she joked about on Instagram.


    Amy Childs

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    She has ‘strict routines’ for her two children, which she admits prevent her from having any sleepless nights. When asked about these, Amy said: ‘Polly goes to sleep about half six, seven o’clock, and my son is in bed by about quarter past seven, and they’ll both go through until half six the next morning.’

    Her passion for motherhood and children is clear, as she often uses her platform to give advice to other mums across the world. Despite this, Amy makes it clear she’s ‘not an expert’.

    ‘I’m just giving you my views on what I’ve found to work.

    I’m so interested in it that I’ve decided that next month I’m going to apply to become a private midwife. I know it’s going to take time, but that’s what I’d love to do.’

    Amy herself has used private midwives for her own births, and has a strong interest on pursuing it as a career in the future.

    We wish Amy the best of luck with her new course!

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