Noel Gallagher's teenage daughter Anais reveals she was hospitalised due to rare condition and issues warning

Anais Gallagher

Anais Gallagher, the teenage daughter of Oasis' Noel Gallagher, issued a warning on social media after being hospitalised for little known condition.

The 19-year-old wrote in her Instagram stories to explain why she had to be hospitalised, saying it all started when he took an antibiotic a week ago.

She laid down straight after, which caused the tablet to get stuck in her oesophagus and burn through through it and cause an ulcer.

Anais started to feel pain the next few days but was unaware that the pill had got stuck until she went into hospital when she was unable to eat or drink.

Anais Gallagher

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She wrote: 'Just wanna clear up what happened to me. About a week ago I took an antibiotic then lay down, it got stuck in my oesophagus (I was completely unaware of this) and burned the tube causing an ulcer.

'I then for the next five days was in agony but three days ago it became so bad I couldn't eat or drink so I was admitted to hospital. The nurses and doctors at The Princess Grace Hospital pumped me full of fluid and medication and now I'm much better.

'I was discharged this morning and we all good. So word of advice don't lay down in you're taking meds.'

Anais' mum, Meg Mathews, also spoke about the scary incident on her Instagram.

She wrote alongside a video of her daughter in hospital: 'Just one more because she's been so brave to have that drip in her arm. My little nay nay. Soon we will leave this hotel, I mean hospital room. My gorgeous baby girl we're going home.'

According to a study on Sage Open Medical Case Reports, pill-induced esophagitis is very rare, and usually causes acute chest pain.

If patients have no underlying esophageal disorders, the condition usually happens because they have ingested 'medications without a sufficient amount of water, or adopt a supine position [ ying face upwards] during or shortly after swallowing medication'.

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