Andy Murray opens up about difficult childhood in new documentary

Andy Murray

In new Amazon documentary, Andy Murray: Resurfacing, the tennis pro speaks about his difficult childhood as filmmakers go behind the scenes.

The film starts by examining Andy Murray's recovery from a 2018 injury, but it also shows some intimate moments where he opens up to director Olivia Cappuccini about his childhood.

Andy revealed he knew the guy behind the Dunblane school massacre, Thomas Hamilton, who shot and killed 16 children and one teacher in 1996.

He said, “You asked me a while ago why tennis was important to me. Obviously I had the thing that happened at Dunblane. When I was around nine.

“I am sure for all the kids there it would be difficult for different reasons. The fact we knew the guy, we went to his kids club, he had been in our car, we had driven and dropped him off at train stations and things.”

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Andy couldn’t speak face-to-face about this, but he left a voicemail for the director, which detailed how he knew Thomas Hamilton.

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He added, “Within 12 months of that happening, our parents got divorced. It was a difficult time that for kids. To see that and not quite understand what is going on.”

When he was playing tennis, Andy revealed that he suffered with ‘lots of anxiety’. He explained that he’d get bad breathing problems when he was competing.

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Speaking about his relationship with tennis, he said, “My feeling towards tennis is that it's an escape for me in some ways. Because all of these things are stuff that I have bottled up.”

He added, “The way that I am, on the tennis court, I show some positive things about my personality and I also show the bad things and things I really hate. Tennis allows me to be that child, that has all of these questions and that's why tennis is important to me.”

Andy Murray: Resurfacing will be available on Amazon Prime on Friday 29th November.

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