ASOS makes embarrassing spelling mistake on a bag – can you spot it?

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  • Spelling mistakes happen to the best of us, but unfortunately for ASOS, they've been selling a product with a pretty embarassing error.

    ASOS shoppers pointed out the mistake, after noticing that their £6 tote bag read ‘Be Kind To Yourself. SLEEP BREATH REFLECT REPEAT,” with an ‘e’ missing. Oops!

    Shoppers didn’t hold back on Twitter either, with one writing, ‘is this meant to say breath or was it supposed to say breathe?’

    To which ASOS replied, ‘Thank you for pointing that out looks like one of our designers has had a Homer Simpson moment there. I will get this looked into’

    Another user wrote, ‘Think it’s meant to be ‘breathe’ and not ‘breath’. Imagine paying £6 on a canvas shopping bag that isn’t even correct’

    And a third said, ‘Bought lots of your stuff over the years. Am I missing something re. this bag? Surely ‘breath’ should be ‘breathe’, right?’

    But despite the awkward mistake, the £6 tote is still ‘selling fast’, according to the ASOS website.

    spelling mistake

    Despite selling fast, this ASOS bag has a very awkward mistake! (Credit: ASOS)

    Due to lockdown, photos of the bags were shot at home by one of the ASOS stylists, who might not have noticed the mistake before uploading.

    The bag is part of ASOS Design, the website’s own range, which is billed ‘ your go-to for all the latest trends, no matter who you are, where you’re from and what you’re up to.’

    The tote definitely has a nice message behind it, so let’s hope there’s a redesign in the future so shoppers can enjoy it!

    This definitely isn’t the first time shoppers have noticed mistakes in items of clothing.

    One Primark shopper once spotted this very awkward mistake on a Disney vest.

    And there was a similar error on a Primark bauble last year, can you spot it?

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