Frustrated mum reveals her husband is still angry over baby name argument six months after daughter’s birth

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  • A frustrated mother has revealed her husband is still accusing her of ‘bullying’ him into naming their daughter a name he didn’t like, six months after her birth.

    The new mum took to Reddit to explain that her husband’s mother had passed away before their daughter’s birth, leaving him adamant on naming the baby after her.

    But the poster admitted she was totally against this and had tried to compromise with him but her husband refused to budge.

    She wrote, ‘My husband and I were expecting our first child, a girl. A few years ago, he lost his mom. Now, I loved his mom but she had a very “grandma” sounding name. Think Mildred or Ethel.

    My husband suggested we name our daughter that. I said while I got the sentimental value, i didn’t like it for our daughter’s name. I suggested it as a middle name as a compromise and he said no, no, it should be her first name. I said no, names should have a two yes, one no rule. But I was more than happy to give her the name as a middle.

    Conversations about names became a fight for months. He’d veto any name I picked: classic, modern, a nickname of his mom’s name but still not the full one. It wasn’t what he wanted,’ she explained.

    Continuing, the poster confessed that when their daughter was born she convinced her husband to agree on naming their daughter Lily.

    But months down the line, he is still feeling bitter over the naming debacle.

    He does still (6 months later), says I bullied him into naming our daughter something he didn’t want. I asked how it was an different than what he tried to do to me when I was freshly hormonal and had just given birth,’ she added, asking commenters on whether she was wrong.

    Many agreed that her husband was in the wrong.

    One commenter penned, ‘You had 9 months to decide on a name and he was being mule-headed and dug his heels in, when you gave him ample options, given what you have described. You tried to compromise, he pretty much refused to meet you in the middle, instead hoping to get his way when she was actually born.’

    She offered EVERY compromise in the book. There are hundreds of thousands of names in this world and he was only willing to use ONE… BS,’ agreed another.