These are the baby names to avoid if you want your children to be rich

Would you pick any of these names for your baby?
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  • Naming a baby is not a decision to take lightly.

    For many parents it’s a super difficult choice that takes months to decide on.

    But it turns out the name we give our children can have more of an impact on their lives than you may have predicted.

    Most mums and dads likely take into account if their kid’s future school teachers will be able to pronounce their name when taking the register or try to figure out any potential teasing nicknames that could come from their moniker.

    Meanwhile, others may try to choose a name that they hope will guarantee their child will lead a successful life.

    Luckily for those opting for a name based on how much financial success it may bring, there’s actually a definitive list of names most likely to make a baby grow up to be rich.

    Investment platform eToro has analysed a database of 12 million users to find out which names have achieved the best and worst investment returns over the past year.

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    For boys, the name Andrew came out on top and for girls it was Anna.

    Taking second place in the list of financially successful titles is Sam and Maria, followed by Alex and Laura, Christopher and Helen, and Darren and Sarah.

    There are also names to steer clear of if you want your little one to grow up to have a hefty bank account.

    These include Ali, Rob, Dan, Karen, Claire, Lisa, Jennifer, Rachel, Chris and Dominic.

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    Iqbal V. Gandham, managing director of eToro UK, said, “William Shakespeare once wrote ‘what’s in a name?’. Quite a lot, it seems, if you want your children to grow up to be financially savvy and secure.

    “A name is not just something you use to distinguish yourself from others, it also affects the way others see you.

    “There has been a raft of research done over the years showing a very strong link between what you call your child and their future success.”

    This comes after the UK’s “smartest” baby names were revealed by tutoring platform, Tutor House.

    They reckon the top three cleverest girl’s names are Emma, Fatima and Eve, while for boys they are George, Thomas and Mohammed.