New baby name trend sees mums naming their babies after gemstones

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  • Choosing a baby name is difficult. Whether you love some of the popular names, or you’d prefer something unique, it’s a big decision.

    But according to Nameberry, gemstone inspired names have started to rise in popularity, and they’re different to what you might think. Favourites over the years have been Jade, Ruby and Amber, but mums are choosing different jewels.

    It’s not just girls names either, some mums are choosing to name baby boys after gemstones, with a popular name being Onyx, named after a black stone. It’s definitely a unique choice, but for some mums its the perfect fit for their newborn!

    The most popular gemstone inspired name is Amethyst, followed by Emerald and Esme. Classic names Pearl and Goldie have also been popular choices, making a reappearance in modern times. Some baby names are considered timeless, after all.

    Ivory, Opal and Sapphire are also on the list, as well as Jasper and Jet which you may not know are inspired by gemstones. Jasper is a dense quartz which is usually red, yellow or brown in colour, and Jet is another black stone that’s a precursor to coal.

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    After the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first child, the first name Archie became incredibly popular for baby boys in 2019. Has your child’s name made the most popular baby name list?

    With gemstones being a popular inspiration for newborn babies, we could definitely see an emergence of new and unique names in the near future.

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