Billie Faiers’ quirky parenting trick to deal with Nelly’s meltdowns revealed on Mummy Diaries

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  • Mummy Diaries returned last night and Billie Faiers offered an insight into how she is handling four-year-old Nelly’s temperament…

    Fans were thrilled when Sam and Billie Faiers confirmed that their hit ITVBe series The Mummy Diaries was returning for a forth series and the first episode did not disappoint.

    Although several viewers were distracted by Sam’s partner Paul’s eyebrows, those that managed to look past them doted over Billie’s daughter Nelly.

    The four-year-old has been a huge personality in previous series too and as she gets older her personality appears to be getting bigger and bolder!

    Once again people are adamant that little Nelly deserves her own show and several viewers have gushed over how much they’d love to adopt her.

    However, while Nelly has an undeniably funny streak, mum Billie has also spoken about her daughter’s meltdowns and revealed the new technique she has introduced to try and deal with her behaviour.

    During last night’s show, Billie and her fiancé Greg were in their kitchen with both children as Nelly started to have a little strop.

    Billie quickly encouraged her to practice the calming technique they had been trying together. As Nelly began waving her hands around, Billie explained to Greg what was happening and said: ‘She’s meditating, you’re coming back down aren’t you [Nelly]’.

    Before the episode aired, Billie spoke to OK! Online and gave more details about her new meditating technique for Nelly.

    She said: ‘You have to really know how to deal with Nelly when she has a meltdown. I did it [the meditation] with her a few times and it actually worked. But it depends what kind of stage the meltdown is at – when it’s in stage five there’s no going back and you have to let her calm herself down.’

    Billie added: ‘She had a couple on holiday and I was like woah, I thought you were growing out of this.’

    Viewers have praised Billie for the tip and said they’d like to try it for themselves.

    One person wrote: ‘Need to try Nelly’s meditating technique #MummyDiaries 👌🏻😍’.

    This isn’t the first parenting tip Billie has shared that has proved popular. Over the summer she posted on Twitter a tip for keeping your children entertained.

    She wrote: ‘I’m a busy mum so to keep Nelly entertained I always have a packet of rich teas handy for her to decorate 😉’.

    Have you tried meditation with your children to stop their strops? Do you have any other techniques for tantrums or keeping the kids busy? Head over to our Facebook page to share your tips, we’d love to hear from you!