Children’s medicines and Ikea light in huge safety recall

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  • Two high-profile retailers have recalled baby products that could harm young children. Check our list below and take action if you have any of the recalled products.


    IKEA has issued an unprecedented recall of its popular SMILA lights (pictured), after a 17-month-old British baby, Daniel Madden, choked to death on the light’s cord after pulling it into his cot.

    The Swedish retailer has asked all customers with an IKEA wall-mounted lamp to check immediately that the lamp and cord are not within reach of children in cots or playpens and are fastened securely to the wall. A loose cord could be a choking or strangulation hazard. The scale of the recall is thought to amount to around 23 million lights.

    If you have one of these lights, contact IKEA customer services in store or on 0203 645 0010 or email

    IKEA is also currently recalling some KRITTER and SNIGLAR junior beds due to a potential laceration hazard. Beds affected have a date stamp on the headboard or underside of the bed dated (YYWW) between 1114 and 1322 and SNIGLAR beds with a date stamp 1114 to 1318. KRITTER junior beds in blue and white are not affected. If you have one of these beds, call 0203 645 0010 to receive a free repair kit, exchange or refund.


    In November, Boots issued a safety recall on children’s medicines over fears that they may contain pieces of plastic after a possible manufacturing fault with tamper seals. The high street chemist states that it has had no reported incidents of injury and is recalling the bottles as a precautionary measure. In the last few days, further medicine types have been added to the recall. Boots will refund or exchange any affected bottles. The bottles that are part of the recall are listed below.

    • Boots Pharmaceuticals Chesty Cough Relief 100mg/5ml Oral Solution, PL 00014/0554
    • Boots Pharmaceuticals Dry Cough Relief Oral Solution, PL 00014/0550
    • Boots Pharmaceuticals Mucus Cough Relief 100mg/5ml Oral Solution, PL 00014/0554
    • Boots Pharmaceuticals Paracetamol 6 years Plus 250mg/5ml Oral Solution 200ml, PL 00014/0619
    • Boots Pharmaceuticals Paracetamol 6 Years Plus 250mg/5ml Suspension 100ml PL 00014/0619
    • Boots Pharmaceuticals Ibuprofen 3 Months plus 100mg/5ml Oral suspension Strawberry flavour, PL 00014/0652
    • Boots Pharmaceuticals Tickly Cough Relief Oral Solution PL 00014/0550
    • Boots Pharmaceuticals Paracetamol 3 Months Plus 120mg/5ml Suspension 100ml PL 00014/0638
    • Boots Pharmaceuticals Paracetamol 3 Months Plus 120mg/5ml Suspension 200ml PL 00014/0660
    • Boots Pharmaceuticals Cough Syrup 3 Months Plus PL 00014/0500
    • Boots Pharmaceuticals Gripe Mixture 1 Month Plus PL 00014/523

    Adam Burgess, head of Defective Medicines Reporting (MHRA), said: ‘People should check their medicine cupboards at home and return these products to Boots. If people have any questions, they should contact Boots’ customer care team.’

    If you have one of these medicines, call the Boots Customer Care line on 0800 915 0004 or talk to your local Boots store.

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