The secret freebies parents can get with a Boots advantage card

The parenting life can often feel like the entirety of your bank account is dedicated to purchasing bits and bobs for your little one.

But there’s good news for mums and dads who regularly spend their pennies in Boots- and are looking to save a few.

Did you know you can actually nab loads of freebies if you have a Boots advantage card and are signed up to their free Parenting Club?

The membership will give you ten points per every £1 spent at the well loved high street cosmetics retailer- remember, without the membership you get a measly four points per £1.

If you’re expecting a little one or are a parent of a tot aged five and under, you can sign up to the club now, and receive loads of great offers via the post or the Boots app.

Credit: Boots

There’s also freebies up for grabs, with products racking up to £28.27 for the taking, depending on your child’s age.

Credit: Boots

Right now, you can grab the Child’s Farm Baby Essentials Kit worth £10.99, Folic Acid and Vitamin D Food Supplement (60 tablets) worth £3.80, Ella's Kitchen Mini Edition First Foods Book worth £5.99, MAM Bottle 130ml with soother worth £7.99, or a pack of Boots maternity breast pads, worth up to £5.49.

Credit: Boots

If you’re pregnant right now or have a child under two, you can nab the baby essentials kit and folic acid and vitamin D tablets totally free of charge.

Or get the Child’s Farm Essentials kit for tots aged two months to five years.

Bargains galore!

These offers will be available to redeem for the next few months, then a bunch of new freebies will replace them.

Wondering how to get your hands on this stuff? Simply show the offers on the app or your paper coupons when you pay at the till.

Caitlin Elliott
Junior News Editor

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