Serious warning issued to elderly people over 'awful' supermarket car park scam

car park scam
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A Facebook user has issued a serious warning to elderly people after her mum was targeted and stolen from in a supermarket car park.

In social media group Spotted In Langley Mill, the poster shared details of the awful trick, urging people young and old to be vigilant against crafty thieves operating similar scams.

Reporting that their mother had had £20 swiped from her purse after being approached by what appears to have been a fraudster posing as a charity collector, the concerned sharer wrote, 'Just warning all elderly people to lock your car doors and be vigilant as my elderly mum was sat in the car in ASDA car park while I went in shopping for her. A woman opened the passenger door and asked my mum to give to a deaf charity.

'Not knowing my mum signed her clipboard gave her £2 when the woman grabbed her purse and took a £20,' she added.

Claiming that Asda security staff had seemingly brushed off the matter, the Facebook user urged others to be vigilant.

'After finding my mum shaken up I went to see the security man in ASDA just to alert them to which he just said I’ll make a note! Thanks for that! Obviously not interested! Just don’t want this to happen to anybody else young or old. Thank you,' they penned.

Lots of commenters quickly responded to the post to air their shock and disgust.

'How awful I always get paranoid about this happening if I'm sat in the car on my own, sending ur mum my love,' one wrote.

'Wtf is wrong with people. Hope the lady is ok,' added another.


Terrible!..a women tried our car door handle last week as she was walking past for the opportunity..


wonder if its same one

,' continued another.

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