Carey Hart sparks criticism with picture of his son with hand, foot and mouth disease

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  • Pink's husband Carey Hart posted a picture of their son on Instagram with hand, foot and mouth disease, sparking criticism he's put other people at risk of the disease.

    Hand, foot and mouth disease is a highly infectious childhood illness. It’s very common and most children recover on their own after about 10 days.

    Pop sensation Pink is currently on tour in Australia and she’s got her whole family with her including both kids and her husband Carey, who are staying at a hotel.

    Carey posted a lighthearted picture of the couple’s son on Instagram showing poor little Jameson covered in the red, bumpy rashes, caused by the disease.

    Captioning the picture Carey explained: ‘Wanna know how glamorous tour can be? Jameson has hand, foot, and mouth; and willow has a 102 temp. Both kids laid up and mama @pink still has to push through and do shows.’

    He added: ‘I had Jameson at breakfast yesterday and this vile woman at the table next to us kept staring at him with a sh***y look on her face. I told her it was bed bugs 😂. #NoRestForTheWicked #LifeInHotels’.

    The post has received nearly 100,000 likes and thousands of comments. Although many of the comments are simply well-wishes, others are from critics who argue that Carey shouldn’t be parading his sick child around a hotel.

    One person said: ‘Maybe the post should have been more to the tune of ‘f—ked up and took J out when I thought it was a rash but it’s actually contagious HFM.’

    Another wrote: ‘I love following your feed for sure because you are very honest. But as a mom of 3 whose kids have had HFM a few times, I say that you made a mistake. HFM is super contagious and it’s not fair to knowingly expose others…’

    A third added: ‘Hand foot and mouth is very contagious my mom is a preschool teacher and her teachers aids have to go home if they have it.’

    In response to the criticism Carey simply responded: ‘What’s your point? You think I let my kids eat off of other peoples plates?’

    He also wrote: ‘Are you serious???? You are what’s wrong with this judgmental world.’