CBeebies announces brand new bedtime series Hushabye Lullabye and it sounds super cosy

CBeebies bedtime

If you need something to help your children wind down before bed, CBeebies latest bedtime series could become part of their evening routine.

CBeebies has announced Hushabye Lullabye, a series of 10 episodes which will air from Wednesday 4th March. Each episode is just three minutes in length and very easy to watch.

Hushabye Lullabye will air before their much-loved Bedtime Story segment, which has seen plenty of celebrity guests like Tom Hardy, Sir Elton John and even Frozen actress Idina Menzel.

According to CBeebies, this new series 'brings the power and benefits of the ancient tradition of listening to and singing lullabies together'.

It's aimed at millenial parents and offers a contemporary look at lullabies. Beyond this, the series hopes to encourage calm, relaxation, singing and together time between parents and their children.

Hushabye Lullabye

Credit: CBeebies

The series of short animations is written and directed by Glasgow-based Sacha Kyle, an established television and theatre director. She worked alongside animators Once Were Farmers and MaraKids to bring it to life.

Hushabye Lullabye follows loveable, ever-curious little alien Dillie Dally as it travels through an interactive musical journey to Planet Dream.

If that doesn't sound lovely enough, Planet Dream is 'a wonderfully soft and cosy place that reflects the haven of a snuggly bed and blankets and a feeling of being kept warm and safe'.

The original music featured in the series will also be available on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes, so parents can sing along with their children whenever they'd like. There'll even be an accompanying lyric book to make it easier.

Series creator Sacha Kyle said, "Hushabye Lullabye has been created to incorporate the powerful benefits of lullabies in a way which is both loving and playful, and I am passionate about bringing the tradition of lullabies to contemporary early years’ audiences."

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