Expert reveals exactly when children should begin doing chores

Children can help around the house too...
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  • Chores are an inevitable part of life, and experts have revealed that you can get your children involved from an earlier age.

    With entire families now permanently at home due to the coronavirus crisis, there’s never been a better time to get everyone involved with chores.

    Yes, including younger children!

    In fact, experts say you can encourage your children to help out from just 18-months-old.

    There’s good reason for this too, as chores can help with problem solving later in life.

    Child development expert Dr Deborah Gilboa said on the Today show in the US that age-appropriate jobs help to produce “problem solvers of good character”.

    In addition to this, Dr Gilboa said her eight-year-old son has been taught how to do laundry and she is “shocked” that some university students don’t know this essential life skill.

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    Between the ages of 18 months to three-years-old, Dr Gilboa says parents should take advantage of a toddler’s “independence” at this age.

    She revealed that small children will often enjoy doing “big kid” tasks, but advises parents to give them easier tasks like holding the dustpan whilst you sweep.

    You should never give them a job which you’d need to redo, as this teaches them it’s not worth trying to help out.

    As children get older, you can encourage them to do a daily chore or task.

    From around six to eight-years-old, children can do “repetitive” tasks such as a kitchen chore or feeding pets.

    Once they reach their teenage years, it’s a good time to teach them how to help prepping food, or washing the car.

    This is because they’re tasks that relate to their lives in some way whether they love food or they rely on the car to be dropped off places.

    By 14-18 years, this is time for more complex chores such as cooking meals, or helping out with household projects like DIY.

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