Christmas card range slammed for being 'deeply offensive' to Christians

Christmas card

Funny Christmas card ranges are commonplace, but Christians have criticised a new range of ‘humorous’ Christmas cards featuring Mary, Joseph and Jesus for mocking their religion.

Card Company Love Layla has created a controversial Christmas card design, which reads ‘Mary just needs to admit she slept with someone else’, alongside a cartoon nativity scene.

Other Christmas card designs included ‘Hands up if it’s your birthday’ alongside a cartoon Jesus holding his arms up, and one that reads ‘I am sorry that your December birthday is overshadowed by a bloke that wore socks with sandals’.

There’s also another scratch card style card which asks ‘Who did Mary really sleep with?’, alongside three foil panels which reveal Santa, Wise Man, or Donkey answers.

In response to these designs, James Mildred, communication manager at Christian Action Research and Education (CARE), said: “A lot of Christians will be deeply offended by this sort of thing.”

He added, “It highlights a fundamental hypocrisy that Christianity is seen as fair game to mock, disparage and insult.

“As Christians we believe it is vital to exercise respect when sharing our views and listening to what others think. This card is the opposite of respectful.”

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Christmas card

Credit: Love Layla

Whilst these cards are designed to be amusing, James also noted that these designs emerge every year and can be upsetting to Christians. He said, “Sadly, this happens every Christmas, which is such an important time in the Christian calendar.

“It is just another sad example of the kind of under the radar discrimination Christians around Europe and currently facing.”

Love Layla was founded four years ago by Stacey Dennis, who started creating cards at home after being made redundant as a graphic designer.

Christmas card

Credit: Love Layla

It’s now a multi-million pound business, with a warehouse in West Yorkshire and a business in Australia.

Stacey has addressed criticism of her Christmas card, saying, “We’ve really pulled out all the stops for this year’s Christmas range as this is what our customers want with some designs providing much more of a playful edge.

“And with the way this year has panned out, people are in real need of a laugh and a giggle. Christmas isn’t just about religion it’s also about having fun and enjoying ourselves. We’re just trying to be original and funny by catering for all different types of humour, we don’t set out to deliberately upset anyone.”

She added, “People just need to take it in the light-hearted spirit that is intended. If they want a more traditional Christmas card or something more mainstream then they shouldn’t be looking at our range.

“There’s plenty of choices available out there for those who believe Christmas and comedy don’t mix.”

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