Mum launches UK's first magazine 'filled with inspiring and empowering content' for black children

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A mum-of-two has launched the first magazine for black children after she felt her daughter was unrepresented.

Serlina Boyd was shopping with her seven-year-old daughter, Faith, earlier this year when she realised there were barely any black children in kids' magazines.

In a bid for Faith to see other girls like her, Serlina went home and got to work on a new magazine.

Now, Cocoa Girl has sold more than 11,000 copies.

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The publication is aimed at girls aged 7-14-years-old and will be on sale bimonthly.

Speaking to presenter Christine Lampard on the Lorraine show on ITV, Serlina said: "I took Faith just after lockdown into a shop to get some magazines which may represent her in some shape or form.

"I was standing in the supermarket scratching my head because I couldn't find any magazines with any images that looked like her in there.

"We said you know what, we will go home and create our own."

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But when Serlina, who has 18 years experience in publishing, mentioned her plans to a former colleague, she was told there would be little interest in her idea.

Serlina said: "A good friend said to me it wouldn't work, that nobody is interested in a publication like that. But the response has been amazing.

"Even if I can just help one child, it's worth it.'

Cocoa Girl describes itself as a magazine 'filled with inspiring and empowering content.'

It says: "Our mission is to build a community for young Black Girls who are misrepresented a lot of the time in the media. This magazine also supports parents and carers."

It has already been such a success that Cocoa Boy, designed for young, black boys will go on sale in September.

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Serlina was supported by her husband, Darren, who is a professional photographer.

Serlina told the BBC: 'I knew Faith was struggling with what she looked like. This journey she's been on to love her hair, love her skin tone, to love everything about herself, is the most amazing thing that's happened.

'I'm hoping other little girls can go on that journey too.'

You can buy a copy of Cocoa Girl or Cocoa Boy by visiting their website by clicking here.

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The next issue of Cocoa Girl is out in September.