Shopper raves about £25 colouring-in wallpaper that’s ideal for keeping kids entertained

We love this!
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  • Parenting is tough, there’s no doubt about it. Even if you think your children are very well behaved, it’s easy for them to cause chaos.

    The last thing you want is your child drawing all over your walls, considering it’s an absolute nightmare to clean up. But a simple black and white wallpaper design could keep your kids occupied.

    Jade Louie shared her colourful wall to Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, showing how she’d turned the wallpaper into a beautiful addition to her room.

    She wrote, ‘Not cleaning related but… I do love a bit of progress!! I started this 3 years ago, but the sun slowly drained out the colour!

    ‘So re-tackling it! 3 hours in, and its brightening up again 😍👏’

    Despite not being a mum herself, Jade says, ‘I don’t have children.. but I allow all friends, and their children to get involved! Gives friends who are parents a break as I just let them loose on it!’

    colouring in wallpaper

    Credit: Jade Louie

    We think this is a genius way to keep your children occupied, and keeps other walls in the house safe from the crayons. We can definitely get behind colouring in wallpaper!

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    It would be a great addition to any child’s bedroom, as once they’re done with it, they can admire their colourful creation.

    Others in the comments loved the idea, with many praising Jade for her commitment and putting the hours in.

    One commenter wrote, ‘Omg I love this!!!! So peaceful.’

    colouring in wallpaper

    Credit: Jade Louie

    We’re not sure where the wallpaper came from as Jade said it was there when she moved in, but we found similar products via Amazon.

    Omy sell a Giant Coloring ROLL for £26.99, with a fun map of London.

    As long as your children colour inside the lines, we’re sure they’ll create some beautiful art with this wallpaper design. There are lots of others on the market too, if you want something more ‘grown up’,

    You could even steal the idea if you don’t have children, as it’s perfect for those with a creative brain. It would definitely be a unique addition to your home!

    Will you be trying this colouring in wallpaper? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!

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