Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd reveals holiday fear after tourists died

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  • Jack P Shepherd, who stars in Coronation Street as David Platt, has revealed the holiday nightmare he faced recently.

    The 31-year-old travelled to the Dominican Republic with his girlfriend Hanni Treweek, but the romantic holiday wasn’t exactly the relaxing break they were hoping for.

    At the same the pair was in the idyllic Caribbean holiday, a number of tourists died – which Jack says was due to poisoned drinks.

    Speaking to The Sun Online at the RSPCA Awards, Jack said: ‘I went to the Caribbean, to the Dominican Republic, it was really nice but while we were over there quite a few people died.

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    ‘There were a lot of people whose drinks were all poisoned from minibars. A few British and they died.’

    Thankfully the couple didn’t have any issues, and managed to make a stop in New York on their way back.

    He added: ‘Nowhere near where I was but it was a bit hairy, but I survived and we came back. Then we went to New York which was cool.’

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    A total of 12 Americans have died after holidaying in the island, which has probed the FBI to launch an enquiry into claims that victims drank booze contaminated with methanol or insecticide.

    The actor has also recently revealed that despite having never having a cold, he does get migraines that make him violently ill.

    Responding to a fan who said he must have been breastfed as he doesn’t get ill often, he said: ‘Wasn’t breast fed, had milk off the door step,” she replied. “I ate really well as a child, and that builds your immune system, also I played outside, climbed trees, played in mud… maybe that’s why?

    ‘I suffer with migraines and throw up for 10 hours, and ultimately go blind! So I’m not superman.’