The heartbreaking letter written by a husband to his wife and kids before he died of coronavirus

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  • A mother-of-two has revealed the letter her husband wrote to her before he died of the coronavirus.

    Jonathan Coelho, 32, from Connecticut was admitted to hospital at the end of March and passed away after a 28 day battle with the disease.

    With the loving father having spent 20 days on a ventilator, his wife Katie was feeling optimistic about his recovery.

    But Jonathan sadly suffered a cardiac arrested and died earlier this week.

    Now Katie has shared a letter that Jonathon penned on the notes app of his phone before he died, to her and their children, two-year-old Braedyn and ten-month-old Penelope.

    Sharing the sweet words on the family’s GoFundMe campaign, Katie wrote, ‘I was able to sit with Jonathan in the ICU after it happened and just sat, cried and told him how much the kids and I loved him.

    When Jonathan’s phone was returned to me, I turned it on and there was a note up written by Jonathan the day before he was intubated.’

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    The letter read, ‘I love you guys with all my heart and you’ve given me the best life I could have ever asked for.

    I am so lucky it makes me so proud to be your husband and the father to Braedyn and Penny.

    Katie, you are the most beautiful, caring, nurturing person I’ve ever met… are truly one of a kind…..make sure you live life with happiness and that same passion that made me fall in love with you. Seeing you be the best mom to the kids is the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced.’

    Going on to mention his little boy, who has Cerebral Palsy, Jonathon wrote, ‘Let Braedyn know he’s my best bud and I’m proud to be his father and for all the amazing things he’s done and continues to do.

    Let Penelope know she’s a princess and can have whatever she wants in life,’ he added.