Danielle Lloyd faces backlash after sharing picture of son receiving medical treatment

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  • Danielle Lloyd has been criticised after sharing a picture of her son being treated by paramedics when she was forced to call an ambulance for him.

    The mum-of-four wrote on Twitter to thank the West Midlands Ambulance Service for their help taking her son George to hospital.

    Alongside a picture of the little boy receiving medical treatment on the sofa, she wrote: ‘A massive thank you to @OFFICIALWMAS who looked after George last night & got him to hospital safe such lovely staff and made George comfortable.’

    However, the picture didn’t sit well with many of Danielle’s followers, who criticised the mum for sharing it.

    One said: ‘I hope your little man is ok but to put a picture like this on is not appropriate. I’m sorry but if you can stand and take a photo I don’t think an ambo was warranted!’

    Another wrote: ‘Yeah a picture of her son poorly enough to warrant urgent attention… should be the last thing on your mind! No need, but really hope the little man is okay.’

    A third commented: ‘I can’t believe you did this!! Why? What mother takes a photo at this point and then to share it. You need to have a good think about this and question yourself. I’m shocked.’

    A fourth added: ‘Take the pic down poor child unwell and you take pic him while paramedic working on him at what point did your mind go to oh I’ll take a pic its not something I as a mother would want to look back at!’

    Others defended the mum: ‘Wow so many judgy people. I bet they’ve never done anything wrong. Hope your son makes a full recovery x’.

    Speaking about what had happened to George, Danielle – who recently married partner Michael O’Neill – told OK online: ‘One minute he was fine, the next he had a temperature of 42 which would of caused him to have a fit. He was struggling to breathe, so I called an ambulance.

    ‘It was so scary, but thankfully the ambulance staff got him to hospital and managed to get him temperature and heart rate back down safely, and he is home now resting.’

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