Danielle Lloyd faces backlash after sharing picture of her posing topless in front of her kids

She's had a mixed reaction

Danielle Lloyd has faced criticism from her followers after she shared a topless snap of herself next to her kids.

The former Miss England and Miss Great Britain star removed her bra while she was promoting a £200 massage mat. The picture shows Danielle sitting alongside her four boys - Archie, Harry James, George and Ronnie.

She posted the image on Instagram with the caption, 'A moment of pure joy on my @pranamat massage set made me think about Christmas gifts.

'I thought Pranamat could be the perfect gift for all those who wish to have a massage every day! No more muscle tension and stress. I feel energised and ready to play with my gorgeous little monsters!'

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But her post with met with backlash from a number of her 56,000 followers.

One of them replied to Danielle’s post saying, 'Quite strange that you’ve no bra or top on to pose in this picture around the kids.'

Another agreed, stating, 'Why are you topless in front of your BOYS?!'

Someone else commented, 'Naked breasts in front of her young sons...shame...no respect.'

But other fans were quick to jump to the star’s defence.

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One user said, 'Some women breastfeed till their kids are 8 or 9 so why is it weird!'

While another added, 'If the children are happy and mum happy what is the problem?! There are far more “odd” things going on in this world- like how people treat others they don’t even know for one?!'

Others appeared to be more outraged with the criticism, one user commented, 'Jeez what is this world coming to? Why do people sexualise everything! The naked body is natural!'

The news comes after Danielle came under fire, earlier this year, after she admitted she frequently completed her sons’ homework for them.

She said on Good Morning Britain, "They come home with loads of maths and history homework and projects. I’m the one who gets left to make these models.’ ‘When they come home and do history and stuff, I just don’t think it’s really relevant."

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