David Beckham fans defend photo of him kissing Harper by sharing similar pictures

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  • A picture of David Beckham and his seven-year-old daughter Harper kissing on the lips sparked a debate this week, with some branding the loving moment as ‘weird’ and ‘inappropriate.’

    David Beckham’s fans have since showed their support for the star, by sharing their own kissing photos on social media.

    David shared the snap with to his 52.2 million Instagram earlier this week, and it quickly received over 2.1 million like and 14,000 comments.

    One fan wrote: ‘People are sick to even read anything other than a simple parental show of affection into this-get help!’

    Using the hashtag #DavidBeckham fans rushed to defend the star, sharing adorable photos of themselves kissing their own children on the lips.

    One fan shared a loving moment with his daughter with the caption: ‘This is me kissing my daughter on the lips! For all you tree hugging flat earth weirdos who think it’s wrong to kiss your children #KissMyTeeth #DavidBeckham Good on you. I support you. I never, ever stop showing my kids how much I love them. ‘

    Another wrote: ‘To all the #DavidBeckham haters of this world I have been kissing my baby boy on his lips since he was a baby he is now 7 and he still kisses me on the lips. I don’t see why or how a parent kissing there child on the lips is wrong!!’

    One Twitter user even posted an adorable video. It shows his daughter in the park running up to him to give him a kiss on the lips with the caption:Β ‘Once again I see #DavidBeckham is in the news for kissing his daughter on lips. I will always kiss my daughter as like many other dads out there our daughters are our world and to anyone who has a problem with a Dad kissing his daughter then this is what IΒ think.’

    American footballer and father-of-three Tom Brady, who is married to supermodel Gisele BΓΌndchen didn’t see anything wrong with the photo either and commented under the picture: ‘Daddy and daughter. So sweet!

    His comment comes just months after he too was branded inappropriate for sharing a video of him kissing his 10-year-old son on the lips on Facebook.

    It’s not the first time the Beckham’s has sparked debate for kissing their children. In 2017 both David and Victoria posted two separate pictures on Instagram-both of them kissing their daughter on the lips, causing a similar reaction.

    Words by Leanne Carr