Duchess of Cambridge launches free helpline for stressed parents

The service will be open 7 days a week...

The Duchess of Cambridge has launched a free helpline to support families experiencing challenges including new parenthood and relationship difficulties.

Family Line was be unveiled as part of Kate’s visit to charity Family Action today – which ‘works to tackle some of the most complex and difficult issues facing families today’ and will run the helpline – offers a listening ear and advice on issues as diverse as money worries and family rows.

Open each weekday evening from 6pm to 10pm and at weekends from 10am to 1pm, the service comes in the wake of research one-third of people in families want someone to talk to about their problems.

On the debut of Family Line David Holmes, the chief executive of Family Action, said: ‘We want to help families face their pressures together.

‘Usually, simply talking will get everyday family monsters out in the open and that will usually be enough to stop them becoming overwhelming. But when talking to family or friends is not enough, families can now call Family Line.’

He also went on to reveal that the phone line will be run by both paid staff and volunteers, who will respond to both calls and texts.

A pilot of the service revealed that most users wanted practical advice and emotional support, much of which was centred around parenting.

Recent research carried out by the charity also revealed the key pressures facing families today.

These included money (52 per cent), health and wellness (50 per cent), lack of time together (49 per cent), and pressure from work or education (40 per cent).

During her visit the Duchess also viewed the Family Monsters campaign film, which has been produced to mark the charity's 150th anniversary, and highlights the hidden 'monsters' facing today's families such as debt, addiction, and mental health issues.

On the Duchess's  official website it reveals that the royal and mum-of-three supports a host of charitable causes ‘several of which are centred around providing children with the best possible start in life’.

Family Line will be 0808 802 6666; people can text for help to 07537 404 282 or email familyline@family-action.org.uk.

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