Mum's hilarious poem 'Daddy's asleep' sparks a huge reaction from parents

Mum's funny poem about getting up with her baby while her partner sleeps hits a nerve with other parents.

Having a new baby is exhausting. It's not only exhausting because of all the extra responsibilities you suddenly have to juggle, but also because that baby will make it their mission to ruin your sleep pattern.

Maybe they're hungry, or uncomfortable, or they don't know why but they just need to demand your attention by screaming - that baby, one way or another, will keep you up during some ungodly hours of the night in the first few months of its existence.

One creative mother has managed to find the humour in her sleep deprivation, and has even written a hilarious poem about it.

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Caroline Olling Andersen's 'Daddy's Asleep' poem discusses her tumultuous night-time rituals with her daughter, and gently pokes fun at her husband for being able to sleep right through the chaos.

Caroline's poem has caught the attention of thousands of parents who have applauded how relatable it is. Other parents, however, have taken offence to the poem because they view it as taking a dig at new fathers.

Caroline handled the criticism by issuing a brilliant response, however, first let's take a look at the poem...

Since the poetic mum shared her own creative account, other parents have spoken out about just how much her personal experience resonates with theirs.

One woman joked: 'Men and their useless nipples!', while another mum wrote: 'this was my life last night and night before.'

The poem did receive some criticism, however, for supposedly mum and dad shaming, and some men were keen to comment beneath the poem to defend their honour: 'I was awake many nights when Gail wasn't.'

In light of some of the criticism, Caroline later posted this response to clear things up:

Caroline wrote the rebuttal post in a bid to emphasise that she simply posted the poem in a tongue-in-cheek manner, and didn't mean for anyone to feel that their parenting choices were being judged.

She concluded the post: 'I salute you my fellow mothers... and of course, I also salute all you fabulous fathers!'

It's only natural to get frustrated sometimes - power to all parents!!

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