Fire service assists little boy who got his head stuck in a toilet seat

fire service helps boy head stuck toilet seat
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Kids are basically little hazards on legs.

And as a parent, you seem to be surrounded by child-unfriendly hazards (opens in new tab) that you constantly have to keep an eye out for.

Whether it’s the leftover Christmas wrapping paper that your teething tot likes to try and chew on, the TV lead poking out from behind the cabinet unit or that Amazon delivery box that’s just looking to be climbed into, there’s always something around that can go from mundane to dangerous in a matter of seconds.

And one dad experienced just this when it came to his little one and his potty training toilet seat – I think you know where this is going…

The dad in question, who goes by Ross P on Twitter, took to the social media to show how his toddler son managed to get his head stuck in the hole of his potty training toilet seat.

But after the tot was unsuccessful at his ‘self rescue attempt’, his resourceful dad had to step in.

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And luckily he had a unique set of skills that was just what he needed to get him out of the pickle.

Using a high-speed rotary tool, the clever dad, who just happens to be a fire station watch manager, successfully cut his son out of the contraption.

Of course, parents are not advised to try this without support at home, but luckily this dad was a fire-fighter himself so was qualified to get the job done!

‘The work never stops!’ tweeted Ross’s fire station. ‘One of our Watch Managers had to respond to an incident involving his young boy and a toilet seat!

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‘Thank fully he was released safely, all whilst using appropriate PPE [personal protective equipment]! Good work!

‘Please don’t try this at home,’ they added, ‘call the professionals. @RAP605 @dremel’

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‘Only my son would do this’, added the handy dad.

If only we all had a resident fire-fighter to save the day!