The Frozen 2 trailer has just been released and these are the best reactions so far

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  • The first trailer for Disney's Frozen 2 has just dropped and people have momentarily lost their minds.

    The highly anticipated film is set to be released in November 2019.

    It will be a sequel to 2013’s Frozen, which became the highest-grossing animated movie of all time.

    The trailer is under just two minutes long. While it does confirm the return of sisters Anna and Elsa, along with magical snowman Olaf and Anna’s love interest Kristoff, it doesn’t give away too much information about what exactly the new plot entails.

    As you can probably imagine, the Twittersphere has gone into overdrive since the trailer’s release yesterday, and we have decided to collate some of the best reactions we have seen so far.

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    From speculation about the Disney film’s new mystery characters and its seemingly more intense tone, to down-right hilarious declarations from die-hard fans about how excited they are to watch the movie, here are some of our favourite responses to the trailer so far…

    1. These fan theories about climate change

    The trailer begins with a 40 second sequence of Elsa attempting to cross sea of wild waves. The intensity of the ocean has led to some fans to the theory that the Frozen sequel might actually be about climate change!?

    So that’s what some people make of the big waves, what do you think?

    2. Who are the two new characters?

    The trailer of the Disney film’s sequel also very briefly warned us that two new characters have been thrown into the mix. Naturally, this has led to some speculation amongst fans as to who they might be, and some of the theories have been quite interesting…

    3. What’s this new dark tone all about?

    The trailer shows the landscape basking underneath an autumnal orange sky. Some ominous music in the background, however, warns us that things will be far from peaceful throughout the film.

    In the final shot, Anna suddenly grabs Kristoff’s sword and lunges at the audience, begging the question – who or what has put the kingdom in danger?

    Some people have picked up on the sequel’s more intense tone, with this tweet pretty much summing up our conclusions about it:

    4. Reactions that just made us giggle

    Highlighting both the confusion and excitement of fans, these tweets accurately reflect how we all felt after watching the sneak peek. Oh, and they’re also pretty funny: