Future Studios launches edutainment channel ‘Glow Up Your Grades’

The digital-first revision series that aids GCSE learning

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The digital education channel aims to help British students succeed in their English GCSE exams.

Future Studios have unveiled new video series Glow Up Your Grades - a multi-platform education-meets-entertainment channel that's dedicated to equiping teens with everything they need to ace their English GCSE. 

Hailed as the ultimate online revision programme, it's hosted by author and presenter Mehreen Baig, who happens to be a real-life teacher and GCSE examiner too. Each free 20-minute video sees Mehreen break down aspects like poetry, creative writing and language devices in an easy and understandable way. 

This is in addition to in-depth analyses of key curriculum texts, including Exposure by Wilfred Brown and John Agard's Checking Out Me History.

Creators hope that the series provides an important support network to students during an often stressful time in their education. Glow Up Your Grades will excite young people's passion for learning whilst establishing healthy routines that promote good mental health and wellbeing.

Thousands of young people missed out on core curriculum areas during lockdowns in the last few years - and Mehreen and the team hope to "fill the gap" by offering a free educational tool that's accessible to all.  

"The disparity in the British education system became more prominent during the pandemic, and currently schools - despite their best efforts - are not able to meet the needs of students who have missed out on key parts of the GCSE curriculum," says Mehreen.

"Every child deserves an equal chance of success and I am determined to support the students who need it the most. We are living in a time where young people spend most of their time online - so this series will make education something which is both enjoyable and accessible for them."

Mehreen hopes the series will additionally "change the face of education and transform the lives of teenagers". 

Glow Up Your Grade lessons are live on Youtube, with new videos arriving throughout March.

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