Gary Barlow shocks fans after sharing video of him and lookalike son

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  • Gary Barlow stunned fans when he shared a Twitter video of him and his son, as fans cannot believe how much his son looks like him!

    The 48-year-old filmed himself and 18-year-old son Daniel working out in the garden. In the caption, Barlow praised his son for his ‘commitment to his fitness’. He seems incredibly proud of him, even going as far as to joke about the difference in weight size.

    His full post read: ‘I love spending time with my kids. Here’s Dan and I having a Father & Son training session.

    ‘I’m very proud of my boy & his commitment to his fitness. Don’t look at the difference in weights. Don’t notice that I’m stood a little further forward to make the size gap smaller. Lol.’

    Fans were shocked at just how much Daniel looks like Gary, with users flocking to the comments section to share their thoughts.

    One said: ‘Wow a clone’.

    Another added: ‘OMG Gary! The photo looks you’re working out next to with your 19 year-old self. The resemblance is remarkable.’

    The musician is a proud father to three children with his wife of 19 years, Dawn Andrews. Together, the couple have Daniel, Emily, 17, and Daisy, 10.

    This sweet workout video has come after Gary vowed to stay in shape later in life. He recently blasted men for letting themselves go, by saying that they ‘couldn’t be a****’ once they were married and had children.

    Strong words from Gary, but it’s something he’s become passionate about. He went on to tell The Daily Telegraph:’I am not ashamed to talk about how I work a bit more over it. I love it. I encourage it. And if anyone would take the p*** out of you for doing that then they f***ing shouldn’t.’

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