Harper Beckham has a dramatic new haircut and it’s just like Victoria’s famous bob

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  • Harper Beckham has had another haircut and the results this time are far more dramatic...

    Harper broke dad David Beckham’s heart just a few weeks ago when she first got her long hair cut.

    He may be even more upset now as his only daughter has opted for an even shorter new ‘do.

    Harper, who recently celebrated her seventh birthday, doesn’t have her own Instagram account (yet) so it was mum Victoria that showed off her new look.

    Writing in the caption Victoria wrote: ‘Hair cut for our baby girl x kisses from Harper x #howchic.’

    Many people are comparing Harper’s haircut to Victoria’s famous graduated bob.

    Victoria hasn’t detailed whether Harper used her as an inspiration for her new look but it would be very cute if it were true!

    So far Harper’s haircut has been met with lots of positive reactions from Victoria’s followers. The post has over 1.2 million likes and thousands of comments.

    One person wrote: ‘Wow big change she looks beautiful’.

    Another said: ‘OMG she looks like a mini posh 😍💖’.

    A third added: ‘Awesome, she’s so beautiful and her new haircut stunning 😍😍😍😍’.

    Harper will be heading back to school soon so perhaps the dramatic hair cut is an effort to save time during her morning routine. It must have taken a long time to brush and style her long locks into those precise plaits.

    Although David hasn’t posted any pictures of his daughter’s latest haircut, so it’s impossible to know his real thoughts, Victoria did post a picture of him smiling next to Harper and her new hairdo.

    Writing in the caption Victoria said: ‘Family time is everything @davidbeckham kisses from us all x VB’.

    Can you relate to David’s heartbreak over Harper’s haircut? How did you feel when you took your little ones for their first haircut? We’d love to hear your stories so head over to our Facebook page to get involved! 

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