Josie Gibson introduces her son following his dramatic birth

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  • Josie Gibson gave birth to her son Reggie a couple of weeks ago, which was a month earlier than her predicted due date.

    The former Big Brother star has now revealed her newborn son nearly died after she went into premature labour, following a dance-off at her baby shower.

    While dancing with friend Debbie Bright, who is the mother of TOWIE reality star Lydia Bright, Josie performed an energetic dance move that involved bending her knees and squatting while pushing out her buttocks.

    Performing the move resulted in her unborn baby flipping around and puncturing her amniotic sack, triggering her labour.

    ‘My waters broke during a dance-off,’ Josie told OK! Magazine. ‘I started really sweating and I said to her [Debbie]: “I hope my waters haven’t broken.” Everyone laughed. I went to the toilet and was concerned, but Lydia said: “It’ll only be discharge.”’

    During an appointment with her midwife the following day, Josie was asked if she had any leakage.

    After telling medical professionals about the incident they assessed her and revealed that the baby had spun around and dropped into her womb, creating a hole in the bag amniotic sac.

    ‘They had to get him out because of risk of infection.’ added Josie.

    After being induced for two days without any proper sleep, Josie’s contractions stopped so doctors had to give her a C-section. He was finally born on September 9.

    ‘Reggie was born 5lbs 1oz and dropped to 4lbs,’ said Josie. ‘I was so scared to touch him […] it was so frightening.

    Credit: OK! Magazine

    Josie explained that her son was hooked up to machines following his birth and that his blood sugar dropped so low that it risked his life.

    ‘It was the best feeling in the world when we got to leave. The staff were so good. I can’t thank them enough. He might not have been with us if they hadn’t taken him to the ward when his blood sugar dropped.’

    Well done to Josie for surviving the ordeal and welcome to the world Reggie-James!

    Credit: OK! Magazine