Kerry Katona left ‘in shock’ after she was asked to prove her daughter was hers at the airport

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  • Kerry Katona was left in shock after she was asked to prove that her daughter was really hers at the airport.

    When travelling on a trip to Ireland with her children, the former Atomic Kitten singer, who recently sparked debate among fans with a picture of her son Max, was asked to provide her daughter’s birth certificate to prove that she was really her mum, as the two have different surnames.

    ‘In shock!!’, wrote the former I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here winner. ‘Just been pulled aside for a birth certificate to prove I’m dj mummy because we have different surnames!!!!

    ‘They wasn’t gonna let me on!!!! Never ever been asked for this in 17 years! Wtf!!!’

    ‘What if she was my friends daughter or something??’, she continued. ‘Would I not be able to travel with her?? None of my children have my name on the passports!’

    Many followers who had experienced the same thing agreed with Kerry’s anger commenting that it was ‘weird as not everyone has the same surname as their child’ and that the ‘system is a bit ‘behind the times’’ because ‘it shouldn’t be presumed that all families have the same name’

    However, since the law changed earlier this year, many internet users understood that it’s ‘fairly standard practice now’ because it’s a good system that ‘keeps children safe’.

    Users flooded the post assuring the mum-of-five, who earlier this year sparked controversy when speaking about her daughter and for adding sugar to her little one’s cereal, that it was bound to happen.

    ‘The same has happened to me,’ wrote one follower. ‘I find it reassuring and always carry her birth certificate on me now when travelling!’

    ‘Well i think its a good thing,’ commented another, ‘shows the authorities are doing their work properly, we would complain if they didn’t, too much child abuse etc these days’.

    One user wrote: ‘I brought my nieces on holidays, they’ve different surnames to me. Before I left I had to get written consent from their mams to say they had permission to travel with me. It’s crazy but it makes sense incase any child has been abducted from a family home etc.’

    So for any parents travelling with children with different surnames, be sure to be prepared and take all relevant paperwork on your travels.