These baby names were the least popular last year because of this bizarre reason

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  • A study has found that the current least popular baby names are ones that were once popular in 90s TV shows.

    Parenting site analysed official data from the Office of National Statistics and found 30 once well-loved names are now given to less than one newborn a week.

    And bizarrely, it was found that many names used in popular 90s hit shows were some of the most unpopular.

    Names of the characters in smash hit sitcom Friends are now barely used, with just three children being named Chandler last year. In comparison, the appeared in the top 500 back in 1996.

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    Meanwhile, Ross’s and Monica’s are much less common too, with only 42 baby boys and 31 baby girls being gifted the name.

    Seemingly falling victim to the same trend, the name Sabrina, famously associated with the 90s teenage witch, is now two thirds less popular than it was back in that decade.

    And remember Ashley Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Her name was given to a mere 42 little ones last year.

    Explaining the strange phenomenon, baby names expert SJ Strum said: ‘It’s a lesson to modern parents that naming your child after the latest trend or popular TV show could see a swift decline in that name being one you’ll love forever.

    ‘However, what goes down must come up.

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    ‘Highly unpopular baby names are often chosen by hipster parents as these mums and dads seek out a unique name which will make their child stand out in real life and increasingly online.’

    Among the least popular girls names are Tammy, Justine and Tracy, with the names given to fewer than three babies each in 2018.

    And for boys, the names Jeff, Melvyn, Greg and Graeme didn’t make an appearance at all.

    Although, they could make a come back rather quickly if they begin to be considered cool again any time soon, with SJ adding: ‘Once a name is hip again, it can climb back up the charts quite quickly.

    ‘So we may well see a playground packed with Tammys, Justines, Jeffs and Kens in the next 10 years.’