Lego responds to four-year-old who asked for 'more girls' in their magazine

Lego promises more females
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Lego has promised to include more female characters in their magazine after a four-year-old wrote to the company.

The young girl's father, Samuel West, shared a picture of the girl’s letter on Twitter, which read: ‘To Lego magazine, can you put some more girls in your magazine, please?’

Alongside the post, he added: ‘My daughter, four, loves Lego, football and blue, so she was delighted to get the new Lego City magazine.

‘Then she noticed that of the 29 people who talk in it, only one is female, and she speaks once, to agree with a man.

‘So my daughter wrote you a letter.’

The Tweet has received over 2000 retweets and over 10,000 likes.

The four-year-old received a quick response from the Lego Group with a member replying on Twitter the same day saying: ‘We think your daughter rocks! We look forward to receiving her letter.

'Like you, we believe LEGO play is for everyone & that our magazines need to reflect that.

'We’ll review future editions to make sure this is the case. We hope your daughter will always love LEGO, football and blue.’

Samuel replied to the Lego Group: ‘Prompt and courteous acknowledgement from @LEGO_Group; good for them. Daughter pleased, and feels heard.’

Fellow Tweeters praised the little girl’s letter. One commented: That’s brilliant! Well done to her for noticing and wanting to do something about it. You should be very proud.’

Another added: ‘Can I just comment that your 4 year old has amazing writing?’

Following the Lego Group’s response, other Lego users have raised complaints about Lego’s lack of representation.

One woman raised the issue of only straight couple wedding cards.

She tweeted: I wrote to @LEGO_Group a while back asking them why their wedding set was only suitable for straight couples w/ no other alternatives available. They sent this card (I’m marrying myself) & 2 dresses. A small win for me.Note: I’m not getting married but if I was...yay Lego!’

Lego fans are rushing to praise the brand that actually listens to the voice of their customers.

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