Little girl ‘ashamed’ to wear her specs encouraged by families sharing their glasses selfies

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  • Getting children used to wearing their glasses can be a challenge...

    There are some kids who love wearing glasses. For them it’s a fashion statement or a way to fit in with their spec-wearing friends.

    However, there are those who would rather live with blurry vision than turn up to school wearing a new pair of frames.

    And one parent found himself in a predicament when his little girl felt too embarrassed to wear her new glasses out in public.

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    Scotland-based dad James Docherty took to Twitter to share a sweet picture of his little girl donning her cute pink specs, but accompanied it with the most heartbreaking caption.

    ‘My wee girl has had to get glasses and she feels ashamed wearing them outside the house,’ he wrote. ‘Sure she’s beautiful’.

    And after the post raked up over 22,000 likes and more than 1000 shares in just a couple of days, something amazing happened.

    In an effort to encourage the adorable tot, parents across the platform uploaded images of their little ones wearing their own specs with pride.

    ‘Me & my wee girl love your wee girls!!!’ wrote one dad. ‘We think she looks cool!! #ThumbsUptoSpecs’

    ‘Both mine rock their specs!’ commented another Twitter user. ‘She looks gorgeous!’

    ‘Bless her heart, she is beautiful,’ added another. ‘My daughter has worn glasses since she was very small x’

    ‘My lad’s worn specs since he was 5,’ wrote one mum. ‘He was the same, but his mates all want glasses now. One of them started pretending he couldn’t see stuff, because “Gabriel’s glasses are sick”’

    One mum even shared the clever encouragement she uses with her family, writing: ‘In my house, we don’t call them glasses… we call them spectaculars! Think of all the wonderful things you’ll be able to see clearly and brightly now you have them. You look terrific with them on’.

    Overwhelmed James followed up on his previous tweet, thanking Twitter users for their support and encouragement, writing: ‘Unbelievable the amount of Love and kindness that’s been thrown at this tweet, you’ve made a wee girls day, thank you so much.

    ‘Hit me right in the feels watching her wee face seeing all the comments by people and kids with glasses on’.

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