Meghan Markle shocked when she spots someone familiar in the crowd for a very special reason

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Meghan Markle got a very lovely surprise during her royal tour, and fans couldn't help but notice the shocked look on her face when she spotted someone very familiar in the crowd...

During the many engagements they had during their royal tour in Oceania, Meghan and Harry met a lot of royal fans who travelled to see the pair up close.

But one of those royal fans made Meghan's jaw drop, as she recognised a 20-year-old woman who she used to speak to on Instagram before she had to close her account, after her engagement to Prince Harry was announced.

Hannah Sergel, who revealed she used to ask the former Suits actress for advice and guidance, filmed the encounter as she called Meghan from the sidelines.

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In the clip, the Duchess can be heard saying 'My gosh!' when she spots Hannah, while looking completely surprised to see her there.

Meghan continued to say: 'How are you? It is so good to meet you.'

Known for her displays of affection with the public, the expectant mum also pulled the 20-year-old into a hug.

After the adorable encounter, Hannah told BBC News: 'I was just so shocked.

'I didn't expect her to recognise me and come over and give me a giant hug.'

Meeting her idol became too much for her as she later revealed the Prime Minister of New Zealand had to comfort her.

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She also gave Meghan a letter thanking her for her support, and in a video she also shared on Twitter, Harry can be seen personally receiving the letter so that his wife can read it later.

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Hannah said she had been a fan of Meghan's since 2014, long before she joined the royal family, and revealed that she even helped her when she was struggling at university.

'She encouraged me to do what I love and be the best version of myself I can be,' she said.

'I had to drop out of my course but she was still so sweet, encouraging me to keep going,', she added.

How sweet!

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