US presenter Michelle Velez pens heartbreaking post explaining how her abnormal pregnancy turned into rare cancer

This is so sad...
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  • A US news presenter has opened up about her tragic diagnosis after an abnormal pregnancy turned into cancer.

    Michelle Velez, a presenter for Las Vegas news outlet KSNV News 3, took to Facebook on Thursday to tell her followers that she has been diagnosed with a rare gynecological cancer.

    The cancer, which is caused by an abnormal pregnancy, made it look like Michelle had a baby bump.

    She shared her story on her Facebook page, saying, ‘What I had was called a molar pregnancy. It’s a pregnancy that is not viable – meaning a fetus never formed – but instead of miscarrying… the pregnancy continued to grow and produced invasive tissue.

    ‘In some very rare cases that tissue can turn into cancer.. and spread to other organs in the body. That is what happened to me. No good reason… just unfortunate dumb luck.’

    She went on to explain that, fortunately, her cancer is treatable.

    ‘My doctors have every reason to believe I will be free and clear at the end of this,’ she says in the post.

    ‘I am SO thankful for that and that is what I’m choosing to focus on. The bad news is I have to go through aggressive chemo to kill it.

    ‘Yes… I will probably lose my hair and experience other side effects of chemo – but all that is temporary. I have already made it through my first two treatments this week. Total number of rounds all depends on how long it takes the tissue to disappear.’

    The news of her diagnosis was met with messages of support from fellow Facebook users, with more than 1,200 reactions and over 590 comments.

    One user said, ‘Our thoughts are with you. I know this is the most difficult trial you’ve ever faced but so many people are pulling for you and wishing you good health. Sending healing thoughts.’

    While another added, ‘We learn new things about rare illnesses all the time. This was a first for me. Yes, you are in my prayers and keep that positive attitude. My thoughts are with you.’

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