These are the most popular bedtime lullabies to help your baby to sleep

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Struggling to get your baby to drift off at bedtime? These are the most popular lullabies to help your baby to sleep, tried and tested by parents.

Sleep is a crucial part of our health and wellbeing, even more so for babies. Sleep is important for development but getting your baby to sleep and sleep training is no easy task. This is where the most popular baby bedtime lullabies come in - to help create the perfect environment and nighttime routine for your little ones.

When it comes to finding good sleep aides, sometimes it can be as simple as the perfect, soothing lullaby - especially if your child is in the sleep regression ages.

Thanks to research from Babysense, we know exactly which iconic lullabies are the most popular on Spotify, and sure to get your baby nodding off in no time.

1. You Are My Sunshine -  Jimmie Davis

You Are My Sunshine by Jimmie Davis is the number one most popular bedtime song, appearing in over 147 Spotify playlists for Lullabies.

2. Colors of the Wind - Judy Kuhn / Rita May 

You’ll recognize this one from Disney’s Pocahontas, this song is not only perfect for your little one to doze off to but also for them to learn when they get a little bit older and into watching animated films. It will also give parents nostalgic memories. 

3. Itsy Bitsy Spider - Traditional Mingmei Hsueh 

Itsy Bitsy Spider is another classic, appearing in 128 playlists and is also a traditional nursery rhyme. 

4. Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John / Rita May

Another Disney classic featured in the Lion King.

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5. A Whole New World -  Lea Salonga & Brad Kane / Purple Tulips 

It's not surprising so many Disney classics are in the top 10 list, this love ballad which is featured in Aladdin will be enjoyed by parents and babies alike.

6. When She Loved Me - Toy Story 2 Sarah McLachlan 

When She Loved Me is another iconic Disney song that is sure to help your baby drift off into a peaceful sleep.

7. Puff The Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul & Mary/ Laura Hanson 

Puff The Magic Dragon will definitely bring back some memories! This classic children's song is easy to learn - you can even sing it to your baby.

8. Baby Sleep Lullaby - Baby Sleep Music

This song is fully instrumental and very soothing, having just this song quietly playing on repeat will help to soothe and ease your baby into dreamland.

9.  Sonata No.16 - Mozart

When in doubt, classical music is also a good idea. There’s nothing like the piano to get you feeling drowsy!

10. How Far I’ll Go - Auliʻi Cravalho / Thomas Loof 

This one's a no-brainer, considering Moana's popularity!

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Sharing further expertise on sleep, experts at Babysense explain that lullabies can help create an ideal bedtime routine.

“Establishing a sleep routine when your baby is around three months old is crucial, as this will help create a solid sleep structure throughout their childhood years.

“When your baby reaches the three-month milestone, it’s important to start a routine that will familiarise them with bedtime. To begin with, start by giving your bath a bath, place them in a fresh pair of clothes, and put them into their cot. Once you have done this, it’s a good idea to read your baby a bedtime story or sing them a lullaby.”

The experts add, “It’s important you create a calm environment and not overstimulate your baby. Once they have had their bedtime feed and have been placed in a change of clothes, put them straight into their cot, turn the lights down low and consider playing lullabies or baby music quietly in the background.”

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