Do you have one of the most valuable coins in the UK?

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  • Most of don’t bother looking at our change before spending it, but recent results from ChangeChecker may make you take a closer look.

    There are several coins that are selling for way more than their face value, and anyone lucky enough to get their hands on them could be in for a tidy profit.

    Research has shown that the most valuable coin at the moment is the Kew Gardens 50 pence piece, which is selling for more than 200 times its value at a whopping £120!

    Credit: eBay

    It’s currently the rarest 50p coin, with just 210,000 in circulation across the UK. The value has also increased since January, so if you do happen to have one on you, now’s the time to sell it.

    The second most valuable 50p coin is the 2018 Sir Isaac Newton piece, selling for £40.50. Not bad for pocket change.

    Credit: eBay

    Another valuable 50p is the 1992-1993 EC Commemorative Coin, currently selling for £60 on eBay. They are larger than the current 50p size, which will hopefully make them easier to spot.

    Credit: eBay

    If you spot the adorable Jemima Puddle-Duck 50p, it could currently earn you £19.50. It’s very popular amongst Beatrix Potter fans and avid collectors, a it was created to celebrate the 150th birthday of the writer.

    Credit: eBay

    An undated 20p coin will earn you an impressive £47. These were incorrectly minted without the 2008 date on them, so they’ve become rare. Keep an eye on the dates on your 20p’s, as they could earn you almost £50!

    A £2 coin made to celebrate the Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games could earn you £30, as it’s the scarcest £2 coin in circulation right now. It’s easy to identify as it’s got ‘XVII Commonwealth Games’ printed on it, alongside a runner.

    Other coins include the Olympic football 50p depicting the offside rule at £7.50, and the 2015 Britannia £2 coin going for £5.

    Whilst the value of coins depends on demand from collectors, these are the current value of each coin, so head to eBay as soon as you can if you find one inside your pocket change.