Mums with this amount of children get the least amount of sleep

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  • There’s no denying that once you have kids you may be getting less sleep.

    According to researchers there’s a link between how many kids you have and the amount of hours of sleep you get a night – but the results aren’t what you might expect.

    According to a recent Amerisleep survey, if you are a mum of three you are getting the least amount of sleep.

    Of course, this doesn’t seem too shocking – but, when you take a look at the rest of the survey, mums of bigger broods of five kids actually got the most sleep.

    The survey reviewed 31,621 people, and was conducted between 2015-2017.

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    Nicole Cannon, a certified infant and child sleep consultant explained the findings to TODAY parents.

    Nicole explained: ‘By the time parents have five children, they’ve figured out a way to maximise sleep, despite the demands of their busy lives whereas parents who have three children are generally outnumbered for the first time and that may take away their ability to sleep as long.’

    So it seems mums with more kids overtime naturally become more relaxed as their family get bigger.

    Or, mums of bigger broods may see having more little ones running around as a reason to get stricter about their shut-eye.

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    These mums see how important getting shut-eye is for their daily routines, so they make time for it and prioritise sleep rather than keeping on top of other things such as house-hold chores.

    While most of us find it hard to get eight hours or sleep a night anyway, perhaps we should seek help from mums with five kids. Any tips?