Mum reveals she puts her kids to bed in the next day’s clothes to save time – but would you try it?

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  • A mum-of-two has shared a clever trick on how to cut down the morning mania when getting kids ready.

    Every parent will know the pain of dressing their kids in the morning – once you’ve seen to one, the other is in an entirely new, mismatched outfit.

    And that’s before brushing their teeth and hair, as well as seeing to breakfast and making sure their bags are packed for the day ahead…

    But mum-of-two Lisa Lamond has discovered a nifty parenting trick that will surely make every mother and father’s life much easier.

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    Lisa took to Australia’s family-friendly publication The Un-Glossy Magazine to reveal that she dresses her daughters Arabella, three, and Ruby, two, the night before to save time in the morning.

    After claiming that her husband, Adam Dovile, works away for most of the week apparently the clever hack has made her life much easier.

    ‘My daughters like to dress themselves from head to toe. On days I’m working in particular, I don’t have a spare hour while they pull up one sock,’ Lisa told the magazine.

    ‘So the best piece of advice I’ve been given is to dress your kids the night before in the clothes you want them to go out in.

    ‘When they wake up I change their nappy, put their shoes on and we are out the door.

    ‘It works wonders for me and where I’m at in life at the moment,’ she adds.

    Lisa went on to admit that ‘time is precious’ in their family life, so cutting corners like these means that both parents get more quality time with their girls to make lasting memories.

    Lisa added, ‘I’m not precious about the mess things make, like cooking or painting.

    ‘I want them to try new things and test themselves. We’re trying to instill in them resilience and confidence, because it’s a challenging world raising two girls.’

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