Mum shares genius hack to blow up your inflatables WITHOUT using a pump

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  • A mum has shared a genius hack to blow up your inflatables when you don’t have a pump near…

    Summer is fast approaching, and with warm weather out come the paddling pools and all the inflatables so grown ups and little ones can have a fun time in the sun.

    But before everyone can relax in the sunshine, you first need to inflate them. And whilst that’s an easy task if you have a pump nearby, having to use your lungs to is enough to put anyone off from a dip.

    Thanks to a genius hack though, you’ll never have to blow into a paddling pool ever again – all you need is your hairdryer and a plastic bottle.

    Claire Wilcockson shared the ultimate trick on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, explaining how she inflates her pool without spending money on a pump.

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    Alongside a picture of how she did it, Claire wrote: ‘Save yourself some pennies on an expensive pump… Cut the top off a juice bottle and use your hairdryer (make sure its on a cool setting obviously)!

    ‘Pumped up my pool in less than 30 seconds 😎’.

    inflatable hack

    Credit: Facebook/Claire Wilcockson

    People were surprised about the trick, with many commenting to say that they will definitely try the hack this summer.

    One said: ‘Saves us all nearly exploding our lungs every year 😂😂’.

    A second said: ‘Omg this is a brilliant idea.’

    Another added: ‘I will be trying this… guess who didn’t buy a pump last year when they bought the paddling pool.’

    Others also confessed they already knew about the hack.

    One user wrote: ‘See im not the only one who uses a hair dryer 😂😂’.

    Another said: ‘Haha I did the same thing with my hairdryer , Also good for inflatable beds etc .😊’

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